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Ipollo G1 Mini Price, Ipollo G1 Mini 1.2GPS For Sale, Cuckatoo32 algorithm, maximum hashrate is 1.2GPS, strength intake is 120W. Born in January 2021, the bare length of the entire gadget is 14*158*78mm. Without packaging, the bare weight of the system is 1 kg. Among all the fashions of Ipollo, G1 Mini may be very mild and smooth to hold. The suitable working temperature of the machine is five-forty five°C. Suitable for operation in a 5-95% humidity surroundings, the ideal environment to run the system, can correctly enhance the working performance of the device and make more prominent the provider existence of the system. After trying it out, the noise of the machine is so low that human beings can infrequently hear it, so it is very suitable for family use.


ModelIpollo G1 Mini

Hashrate, TH/s1.2GPS


ReleaseJanuary 2021

Size148 x 158 x 78mm


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Ipollo G1 Mini Price, Ipollo G1 Mini 1.2GPS For Sale, Cuckatoo32 set of rules, most hashrate is 1.2GPS, power intake is 120W. Born in January 2021, the bare length of the entire system is 14*158*78mm. Without packaging, the bare weight of the system is 1 kg. Among all of the models of Ipollo, G1 Mini could be very mild and easy to hold. The appropriate operating temperature of the device is 5-forty five°C. Suitable for operation in a five-ninety five% humidity environment, the suitable environment to run the gadget, can effectively improve the operating efficiency of the gadget and extend the carrier lifestyles of the machine. After testing, the noise of the system is so low that humans can hardly pay attention to it, so it’s miles very suitable for household use.

Specifications of Apollo G1 Mini

ManufactureriPolloModelIpollo Miner G1 MiniReleaseJanuary 2021Size148 x 158 x 78mmWeight1gNoise level40dbPower120WInterfaceEthernetTemperature5 – forty five °CHumidity5 – 95 %

The Ipollo G1 Mini Miner is a compact and powerful ASIC miner designed for mining cryptocurrencies that use the Cuckatoo32 algorithm, together with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. It is manufactured using Ipollo, an enterprise that specializes in producing excessive-overall performance ASIC miners for the cryptocurrency mining marketplace. In this creation, we can offer an overview of the Ipollo G1 Mini Miner, such as its functions, specifications, and performance.


The Ipollo G1 Mini Miner is a compact ASIC miner that is designed to be effective and efficient. It has a hashrate of one.2GPS, making it one of the most effective ASIC miners in its elegance. The miner is designed to be efficient, with an energy consumption of only 120W, that’s enormously low in comparison to other ASIC miners with similar hash rates.

The Ipollo G1 Mini Miner is constructed with terrific additives, which include ASIC chips manufactured using TSMC, which might be known for their excessive performance and durability. The miner additionally functions as a dual fan cooling gadget, which allows you to maintain the miner cool and saves you from overheating.


The Ipollo G1 Mini Miner is full of functions that make it an amazing choice for cryptocurrency miners. One of the most terrific capabilities is its excessive hashrate of one.2GPS. This approach that the miner can remedy complicated mathematical troubles at a high velocity, making it extra efficient at mining cryptocurrencies.

Another characteristic of the Ipollo G1 Mini Miner is its low strength intake of 120W. This makes the miner more power-efficient than different ASIC miners in its magnificence, which could eat a lot greater electricity. The low energy consumption also the way that the miner produces less warmness, which enables it to extend the lifespan of the miner.

The Ipollo G1 Mini Miner also features a dual fan cooling system, which allows you to hold the miner cool and saves you from overheating. The cooling device is designed to operate quietly, which means that the miner can be utilized in residential or commercial environments without inflicting an excessive amount of noise.


The Ipollo G1 Mini Miner has the following specifications:

Hashrate: 1.2GPS

Power consumption: 120W

Power delivery: 220V

ASIC chips: TSMC 7nm ASIC chips

Dimensions: 148 x 158 x 78mm

The miner is compatible with a variety of mining software programs, including CGminer, BFGminer, and Easyminer. It additionally helps mining swimming pools inclusive of Slush Pool, Antpool, and F2Pool.


The Ipollo G1 Mini Miner is understood for its excessive performance and performance. With a hashrate of one.2GPS, the miner can mine cryptocurrencies at a excessive speed, making it greater green at mining than other ASIC miners in its magnificence.

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The miner’s low electricity consumption of 1500W additionally contributes to its overall performance and performance. By consuming less strength, the miner can perform greater efficiently and produce much less warmth, which helps to increase the lifespan of the miner.

The twin-fan cooling gadget of the Ipollo G1 Mini Miner additionally helps to enhance its performance. By keeping the miner cool and stopping overheating, the miner can perform more successfully and bring greater regular outcomes.


The Ipollo G1 Mini Miner is a powerful and efficient ASIC miner that is designed for mining cryptocurrencies that use the Cuckatoo32 algorithm. With a hashrate of one.2GPS and energy consumption of the simplest 120W, the miner is capable of mining cryptocurrencies at a completely high velocity, while also being electricity-green and producing less warmth. The miner’s twin fan cooling machine also helps to enhance its performance using maintaining the miner cool and preventing overheating. Overall, The Ipollo G1 Mini Miner is a gadget with a high strength performance ratio, low strength intake, and appropriate profits.

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