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Antminer S9j 14.5th, Antminer S9j For Sale, SHA-256 algorithm, maximum hashrate is 14.5Th/s, power consumption is 1350W, The length of the complete system is 135*158*350mm, the load of the device is 4.5Kg, very light, smooth to hold, the appropriate temperature of the system is 5-forty five degrees Celsius, after testing, the noise decibels of the machine is 76db, consistent with the stipulated noise value, miners can rest smooth to use.


ModelAntminer S9j



Hashrate, TH/s14.5Th/s

Noise stage76db


ReleaseAugust 2018


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Antminer S9j 14. Fifth, Antminer S9j For Sale, SHA-256 set of rules, maximum hashrate is 14.5Th/s, electricity consumption is 1350W, The size of the complete machine is one hundred thirty five*158*350mm, the burden of the device is 4.5Kg, very mild, smooth to hold, the proper temperature of the gadget is 5-forty five ranges Celsius, after trying out, the noise decibels of the gadget is 76db, consistent with the stipulated noise price, miners can relaxation clean to use.

Specifications of Antminer S9j 14.5th

ManufacturerBitmainModelAntminer S9j 14.5ThReleaseAugust 2018Size135 x 158 x 350mmWeight4200gNoise level76dbCooling2Power1350WVoltage12VInterfaceEthernetHumidity5 – 95 %

Antminer S9j 14.5Th is a model from Bitmain. Its power intake is 1350W, the SHA-256 set of rules is adopted, and the mistaken variety is within 10%. The value overall performance of this machine continues to be a highly excessive model. It completes the optimization of warmth dissipation structure based on Antminer S9, and the fine of the system is likewise superb. The exceptional of Antminer’s gadget is superb within the enterprise.

Antminer S9j is an upgraded model of Antminer S9i and Antminer S9. From the perspective of lengthy-term market response, S9j inherits the advantages of the previous era of models each in design and overall performance. All mining gadget improvements are meditated in low strength intake and excessive computing power.

Introduction of Antminer S9J 14.5Th/s

The Antminer S9j is a Bitcoin mining system produced through Bitmain, one of the most outstanding gamers within the cryptocurrency mining industry. The S9j is an advanced version of the Antminer S9, which was launched in August 2018 and quickly have become one of the most popular Bitcoin miners in the world.

The S9j is designed to mine Bitcoin using the SHA-256 algorithm, which is the algorithm utilized by the Bitcoin blockchain. It is capable of producing a hashrate of up to 14.5 TH/s (terahashes in keeping with 2d) with a strength intake of 1350 watts. This makes it one of the maximum efficient Bitcoin miners in the marketplace in terms of hashrate in step with watt.

In this text, we can speak about the functions, specs, and performance of the Antminer S9j miner in detail.

Features and Specifications

The Antminer S9j miner has a compact layout and is built with awesome materials. It measures 1135 x 158 x 350mm and weighs 4.2 kg. The miner is powered by using two 12038 fans, which preserve the machine cool during operation. The enthusiasts are surprisingly quiet, with a noise level of around 76 dB.

The S9j equip with 189 BM1387 chips, which might be the latest era of Bitcoin mining chips advanced by way of Bitmain. Each chip is capable of processing as much as 16 TH/s, and the miner makes use of thirteen of these chips in step with the board. The miner has three forums, which means that it has a complete of 39 chips. This affects a hashrate of up to fourteen.Five TH/s.

The S9j miner uses the ASICBoost algorithm, which is an optimization approach that improves the efficiency of Bitcoin mining. This algorithm reduces the energy consumption of the miner whilst growing its hashrate. This makes the S9j one of the most electricity-green Bitcoin miners in the marketplace.

The S9j miner is like-minded with various mining software programs, such as CGminer, BFGminer, and EasyMiner. It is likewise compatible with various mining swimming pools, inclusive of Antpool, BTC.Com, and Slush Pool.

Power Consumption

The strength intake of the Antminer S9j miner is one every of its maximum wonderful features. It has a strength intake of 1350 watts, which is tremendously low in comparison to different Bitcoin miners on the market. This low power consumption means that the S9j miner is greater electricity-green and could save you cash on strength costs.

The S9j miner has a power delivery unit (PSU) which is sold one by one. The encouraged PSU for the S9j is the Antminer APW3++, which has a power output of 1600 watts. This PSU layout is mainly for use with Bitmain’s Bitcoin miners and is thought for its high efficiency and reliability.

Noise Level

The noise degree of the Antminer S9j miner is especially low in comparison to other Bitcoin miners available on the market. The miner has 12038 fans, which hold the machine cool throughout the operation. These fanatics are particularly quiet, with a noise level of around seventy-six dB. This noise stage is much like the noise stage of a vacuum purifier.

Temperature and Humidity

The Antminer S9j miner layout to perform in a temperature range of zero°C to 40°C. The miner is additionally designed to function in a humidity range of five% to ninety-five%, which makes it appropriate for use in loads of environments.

The miner has an inner temperature sensor that monitors the temperature of the machine in the course of operation. If the temperature of the miner exceeds a sure threshold, the system will robotically close right down to save you damage.


In the end, the Antminer S9j is a surprisingly efficient Bitcoin miner this is capable of generating a hashrate of up to 14.5 TH/s with an electricity intake of 1350 watts. It builds with first-rate materials and has a compact design, making it clean to set up and use.

The S9j miner is well suited to various mining software and pools, which makes it smooth for users to customize their mining revel. It is also layout to perform in a lot of environments, with a temperature range of 0°C to forty°C and a humidity range of five% to 95%.

One of the maximum astonishing capabilities of the S9j miner is its power consumption. It has a low electricity consumption of 1350 watts, which makes it one of the maximum power-efficient Bitcoin miners available on the market. This low-strength consumption method that the S9j miner will store customers’ money on strength prices.

Overall, the Antminer S9j is a first-rate choice for all people looking to mine Bitcoin successfully and value-efficaciously. It is a dependable and effective miner this is well-suitable for each small and huge-scale mining operation.

Antminer S9J’s appearance

In phrases of look, the Antminer S9J is not plenty one-of-a-kind from the S9 series models. All of them maintain the alloy shell, and the facet chassis also keeps the special guide rails of the Bitmain mining device. This purpose is to enhance the compactness and firmness of the machine.

Although the layout of the chassis isn’t the principal attention of the device as compared with the improvement of the chip, the design of the shape is greater easy, and the distinct shape is simpler to distinguish from other fashions, a terrific mining gadget no longer best desires to have a splendid leap forward in computing strength and energy intake, its form is also extremely essential, which pertains to the rational use of area, store using space to increase income.

Antminer S9j’s computational force plate

When the Antminer S9j disassembles, the positions of the 3 plates are held in the region via internal card slots. It can be determined that each piece consists of 63 chips. A warmness sink is shipped at the surface of the plate, and the warmth sink calmly distributes on two planes.

Buy Profitable Used Ant miner S9j 14.5th


As can see from the image above, the design of the chip and the radiator especially treat and has a unique texture. They are of different heights and thicknesses.


Buy Profitable Used Ant miner S9j 14.5th
Buy Profitable Used Ant miner S9j 14.5th

In the location of the air inlet, the layout of the radiator has a vacant position, which will make the air cooling gadget play the most warmth dissipation effect, efficiently extending the service existence of the gadget.

Antminer S9J’s cooling fan

Antminer S9j has cooling lovers within the front and rear parts, however, we can most effectively see the cooling fan within the outlet from the Advent, which has a rated voltage of 12V and a rated current of 2.3A.


Buy Profitable Used Ant miner S9j 14.5th

The rotating velocity of the fan will automatically adjust together with the temperature of the machine. After the measurement for the duration of stable operation, we found that the wind velocity of the air inlet ought to reach 4.5m/s and that of the air outlet may want to attain 9m/s.

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