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Antminer D7 Price, Bitmain Antminer D7 Buy, born in October 2021, X11 set of rules, most hashrate is 1.286Th/s, energy consumption is 3148W, The bare-metallic size of the complete system is four hundred*195*290mm, the weight of the whole system reaches 14.2Kg, and the perfect working temperature of the device is 5-4545 °C. Antminer D7 adopts Bitmain’s conventional fan cooling technique and is equipped with 4 fanatics for powerful cooling. The noise fee of the gadget is 75db, which conforms to the specified noise value range.


ModelAntminer D7

Noise stage75db



Hashrate, TH/s1.286Th/s


ReleaseOctober 2021


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Antminer D7 Price, Bitmain Antminer D7 Buy, born in October 2021, X11 set of rules, maximum hashrate is 1.286Th/s, energy consumption is 3148W, The naked-metallic size of the entire machine is four hundred*195*290mm, the burden of the complete machine reaches 14.2Kg, and the best working temperature of the machine is five-4545 °C. Antminer D7 adopts Bitmain’s conventional fan cooling method and is geared up with four enthusiasts for powerful cooling. The noise price of the gadget is 75db, which conforms to the required noise price variety.

Specifications of Antminer D7 1286gh/s

ManufacturerBitmainModelAntminer D7 1286Gh/sAlso known asD7 1.286ThReleaseOctober 2021Size400 x 195 x 290mmWeight14200gNoise level75dbFan(s)4Power3148WVoltage12VInterfaceEthernetTemperature5 – forty five °CHumidity5 – 95 %

Introduction of Antminer D7

Bitmain D7 is one of the most effective fashions within the marketplace. Compared with the Antminer X7, the computing electricity of the Bitmain D7 Miner has multiplied by about 4 instances, and its strength consumption ratio is handiest 2.Four. Relatively, its everyday income increases also multiplied. It’s proper.

The balance of D7 Miner is likewise very stable. According to our check outcomes, while the system has been strolling for numerous months, the test information is similar to the professional records. In standard, the Bitmain Antminer D7 The price overall performance may be very high.

Antminer D7 Miner is a high-overall performance cryptocurrency mining device designed and synthetic by using Bitmain, a leading manufacturer of ASIC mining machines. The Antminer D7 is specifically designed to mine the cryptocurrency Dash, that’s a popular cryptocurrency acknowledged for its velocity and privacy capabilities. This miner is geared up with effective hardware additives and is designed to deliver the most reliable mining overall performance, making it a pinnacle preference for cryptocurrency miners seeking to maximize their earnings.

Hardware Specifications

The Antminer D7 Miner is powered by way of Bitmain’s today’s 7nm ASIC chip era, which supplies excessive mining efficiency and low strength intake. The miner capabilities 2 hash forums, every with 32 Bitmain ASIC chips, imparting a complete of sixty-four ASIC chips. It has a hash price of one.286Th/s, that’s one of the maximum hash fees to be had inside the marketplace for Dash mining.

The miner is prepared with a high-performance fan that gives efficient cooling to the hardware additives. The fan is designed to perform at a low noise stage, making it perfect to be used in residential or office environments. The miner also functions in a compact and lightweight design, making it clean to transport and set up.

Power Consumption

The Antminer D7 Miner is designed to operate at a low strength consumption charge, making it a power-green mining machine. The miner has a strength intake of 3148W, which is pretty low compared to different high-performance mining machines inside the marketplace. The low electricity intake rate not most effectively saves electricity costs but also reduces the environmental impact of mining sports.

Mining Algorithm

The Antminer D7 Miner makes use of the X11 mining set of rules, which is specifically designed for the mining of Dash and other cryptocurrencies. The X11 set of rules is a combination of 11 distinct hashing algorithms, which makes it extra steady and proof against ASIC mining. The X11 algorithm is also designed to provide a truthful distribution of mining rewards to miners.

Mining Software

The Antminer D7 Miner is like-minded with a whole lot of mining software, including BFGMiner, CGMiner, and EasyMiner. These mining software program packages are clean to use and offer a person-friendly interface that makes it smooth to display the mining overall performance of the Antminer D7 Miner. The mining software program additionally designs to be well-matched with a variety of running systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.


The profitability of the Antminer D7 Miner depends on a variety of factors, including the contemporary market price of Dash, the mining

issue, and the value of energy. As of the writing of this article, the marketplace fee of Dash is about $450 consistent with coin,

and the mining trouble is around 70 million. Based on those parameters, the Antminer D7 Miner can generate a daily revenue of

approximately $25 and a monthly revenue of about $750.

The profitability of the Antminer D7 Miner can be in addition improved by optimizing the mining overall performance

and reducing the cost of strength. Some of the approaches to optimize the mining performance consist of overclocking the miner,

the usage of a mining pool, and choosing the most efficient mining software program. The price of power can reduce by way of the usage of renewable strength resources, which includes solar or wind strength.


The Antminer D7 Miner is a powerful and green mining machine designed for the mining of Dash and other cryptocurrencies with the use of the X11 mining set of rules. The miner is equipped with high-performance hardware components and designed to deliver ideal mining performance with low strength intake. The miner is well suited with several mining software programs and is simple to put in and perform. The profitability of the Antminer D7 Miner can further grow with the aid of optimizing the mining performance and lowering the price of electricity. Overall, the Antminer D7 Miner is a pinnacle preference for cryptocurrency miners trying to maximize their income.

Bitmain D7 product creation

1. The entire frame of the D7 Miner makes use of an integrated and molded layout. The integration of the whole machine is tremendously excessive,

the arrival is more lovely, and practical, and can make the gap of the mine greater reasonable and scientific. D7 Miner does now not want to shop for greater electricity, it’s also very handy to operate.

2. D7 Miner’s electricity-saving capacity is better. Its strength intake ratio is handiest 2.4W/g. It’s power consumption and strong computing strength. By adjusting its internal circuit shape, the energy intake ratio lessens to the limit. Yes, the overall operation of the mining gadget is more stable.

three. Bitmain D7 Miner additionally optimizes the warmth dissipation option to reduce the loss of the machine and growth the provider existence of the mining machine.

4. D7 Miner uses a brand new operating interface, that is handy for clients to look at the real-time computing strength,

average computing power, and fluctuations of the computing electricity of the mining gadget at any time, so that miners can be less difficult to perform, store time, improve time, enhance time Efficiency, and so on.

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