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iBeLink BM-N3 25Th/s 3300W For Sale Eaglesong algorithm, born in December 2022, most hash rate is 25Th/s, energy intake is 3300W. The naked length of iBeLink BM-N3 is 128*201*402mm. Without packaging, the naked weight of Ibelink BM-N3 is 6.6 kg, which is one of the lighter fashions. The gadget is prepared with a conventional fan cooling layout with two cooling enthusiasts. And at once linked to the Ethernet can run and use, very convenient. The suitable operating temperature of the device is 5-forty tiers Celsius, and it desires to operate at 5-ninety five% ambient humidity. After the take a look at, the noise decibel of the system is 74db, that is in step with the stipulated noise price and can be used readily.


ModeliBeLink BM N3

Hashrate, TH/s25Th/s



Noise stage74db

ReleaseDecember 2022

Size128 x 201 x 402mm


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iBeLink BM-N3 25Th/s 3300W For Sale Eaglesong algorithm, born in December 2022, most hashrate is 25Th/s, electricity consumption is 3300W. The naked size of iBeLink BM-N3 is 128*201*402mm. Without packaging, the bare weight of Ibelink BM-N3 is 6.6 kg, that’s one of the lighter models. The system is geared up with a traditional fan-cooling design for cooling enthusiasts. And without delay connected to the Ethernet can run and use, very convenient. The suitable working temperature of the device is five-forty ranges Celsius, and it desires to operate at 5-95% ambient humidity. After the take a look, the noise decibel of the machine is 74db, which is in line with the stipulated noise fee and may be used quite simply.

Specifications of iBeLink BM-N3

ManufactureriBeLinkModeliBeLink BM-N3ReleaseDecember 2022Size128 x 201 x 402mmWeight6600gNoise level74dbFan(s)2Power3300WInterfaceEthernetTemperature5 – 40 °CHumidity5 – ninety five %

Introduction of Ibelink BM-N3 Miner

Ibelink BM-N3 Miner is an effective cryptocurrency mining device this is designed for Blake256R14 and Blake256R8 algorithms. This mining device is designed and synthetic by way of iBelink. Ibelink is an agency that makes a specialty of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and professionals creating high-performance mining hardware. It is also identified by many miners.

IBLINK BM -N3 is an ASIC miner, which means that its motive is to perform a task -in this case, it is mining -mining cryptocurrency. This permits miners to dig more successfully and efficaciously because it does now not want to invest in different tasks. The BM-N3 Miner is in particular designed to tap the cryptocurrency of Blake256R14 and Blake256R8 algorithms, consisting of cash which includes Decred (DCR), Verge (XVG), and Blakecoin (BLC).

High hashrate of Ibelink BM-N3 Miner

IBELINK BM-N3 uses the ASIC chip and cooling fan mixture to offer a high-hash price and permit the mining function to run at a fine temperature. The miner can offer Blake256R14 with a hash price of up to 3. Five Th/S, while the hash price of Blake256R8 is the very best fee of 6.5 Th/S. This high-hash fee makes iBelink BM-N3 one of the maximum powerful miners in those specific algorithms markets.

The reason for the iBelink BM-N3 is easy to install and use. The mining device is ready with a pre-installed operating gadget and an internet interface, which allows customers to without difficulty configure the mining gadget and display its overall performance. And it could also be like-minded with diverse mining swimming pools, which lets users select the most appropriate mining pool for or their wishes and preferences.

Power intake of Ibelink BM-N3 Miner

In terms of strength consumption, iBelink BM-N3 is incredibly effective for its hash energy. Its power intake is only 2200W, that’s a decrease than many different miners inside the marketplace. The motive for this efficiency is in part because of the ASIC chip. The ASIC chip is designed particularly for high-performance cryptocurrency mining, so the energy consumption of BM-N3 Miner is low.

One of the main benefits of Ibelink BM-N3 is its reliability. The idea of BM-N3 at the start of the design is durable and has a protracted-lasting notable factor. This approach that users can rely on miners to perform operations with time, and they do now not want to maintain or update additives regularly.

In trendy, the Ibelink BM-N3 is a powerful and dependable cryptocurrency miner, which may be very appropriate for mining cryptocurrency mining machines with Blake256R14 and Blake256R8 algorithms. Its high -hash speed, performance, and simplicity of use make it the number one desire for cryptocurrency lovers and specialists to decrease that precise cash. Although it could no longer be the most common miner in the market, for those who need to dig, edges or different coins with those algorithms, it is a very effective cryptocurrency mining system.

First of all, thank you for your interest in and aid of X-ON MINING. To avoid misunderstandings in the process of purchasing a miner, please read all of the following notes carefully earlier than setting your order. Thank you very a great deal for your information!

1 -Payment

Given the specific dynamics of the iBeLink BM-N3 miner market, whilst we receive your price, the miner’s fee may additionally have changed and we may additionally need to refund your order. 

We use batch processing for all mining gadget orders, and the amount of every batch is very restrained.  Even if the equal form of mining device is, exceptional batches of mining device expenses aren’t equal.  They’re promoting fast.  Given the fairly variable market and call, the expenses of stock miners might also range from day to day.  Therefore, there is an opportunity that by the point we receive your charge, the charge of the mining device has long gone up and we want to refund your order.

2 – About inventory miners

The shipping date of inventory iBeLink BM-N3 Miner is 3-7 running days. Once we acquire your order, we will immediately notify our technical center group of workers to check the system you ordered to make sure it works well. We’ll additionally send you a video for confirmation. We will ship the device to you simplest after we verify that every one of the properties of the machine are correct. Then, we will deliver the device to our freight forwarder. We will update the waybill range on our website and you’ll receive a detailed email.

three – About pre-buy miners

The real transport date of the pre-ordered miner depends on the miner shipping date of the manufacturing unit. We will suggest on the order web page the estimated shipping month of the pre-ordered miner to your attention. However, there may still be a postponement in delivery. First, if the factory transport date is not on time, then the transport of the X-ON MINING Mining gadget can also be not on time. It is likewise viable that the plant will no longer be capable of producing the mining system in the predicted time, wherein case we can method your order for money back.

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