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Jasminer X4 BRICK For Sale, Jasminer X4 BRICK Price, born in December 2021, EtHash set of rules, most hashrate is 65Mh/s, strength intake is 30W. The Jasminer X4 BRICK has a naked length of 257 x one hundred x 200mm and a naked weight of four.8 kg without packaging. It is very light-weight. And at once connected to the Ethernet can be used for operation. Its heat dissipation mode is Fanless, after trying it out, the noise value of the system is 50db, and the noise decibel could be very small, appropriate for domestic or workplace use. The right running temperature of this device is five-forty°C, which wishes to be used in five-ninety five% air humidity. An accurate working environment can correctly boom the carrier cycle and performance of the system.


ModelJasminer X4 Brick

Hashrate, TH/s65Mh/s


Noise stage50db

ReleaseDecember 2021

Size257 x 100 x 200mm


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Jasminer X4 BRICK For Sale, Jasminer X4 BRICK Price, born in December 2021, EtHash set of rules, maximum hashrate is 65Mh/s, electricity consumption is 30W. The Jasminer X4 BRICK has a bare size of 257 x 100 x 200mm and a bare weight of 4.8 kg without packaging. It is very lightweight. And without delay connected to the Ethernet may be used for operation. Its warmness dissipation mode is Fanless, after trying it out, the noise value of the device is 50db, and the noise decibel is very small, appropriate for domestic or office use. The appropriate running temperature of this machine is five-forty°C, which needs to be used in 5-ninety five% air humidity. The accurate running environment can correctly increase the carrier cycle and efficiency of the machine.

Specifications of Jasminer X4 BRICK

ManufacturerJasminerModelJasminer X4 BRICK MinerAlso recognised asSUNLUNE JASMINER X4 ETCHASH BRICKReleaseDecember 2021Size257 x one hundred x 200mmWeight4800gNoise level50dbCoolingFanlessPower30WInterfaceEthernetMemory5GTemperature5 – 40 °CHumidity5 – ninety five %

Introduction of Jasminer X4 BRICK Miner

Jasminer X4 BRICK Miner is an effective cryptocurrency mining gadget that has won extensive recognition within the global of mining. This tool is designed for mining cryptocurrencies that use the SHA-256 rules, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and many others. The Jasminer X4 BRICK Miner is manufactured by way of Jasminer, an employer that specializes in the production of cryptocurrency mining equipment.

One of the primary features of the Jasmine X4 BRICK Miner is its high hash price, that’s the speed at which the device can clear up complex mathematical equations required for mining cryptocurrencies. The Jasminer X4 BRICK Miner has a hash price of 3.5 TH/s, this means that it could remedy 3.5 trillion hashes per 2d. This makes it one of the most powerful mining machines available on the market, able to produce considerable profits for its customers.

Jasminer X4 BRICK Miner’s cooling gadget

The Jasminer X4 BRICK Miner additionally capabilities a sophisticated cooling system that ensures the device runs smoothly and efficaciously. The cooling machine consists of a couple of fans and a heatsink that maintains the temperature of the tool at a premier degree, preventing it from overheating and probably unfavorable the hardware. The cooling gadget additionally allows to increase in the lifespan of the device, allowing it for used for longer durations of time.

Advantages of Jasminer X4 BRICK

Another essential function of the X4 BRICK Miner is its low strength consumption. The device consumes the best 1400W of electricity, which is relatively low compared to other mining machines with similar hash costs. This common power intake approach that the tool may be utilized in a variety of settings, which includes at home, without causing an enormous boom in power payments.

The X4 BRICK Miner is likewise user-pleasant, with a simple and intuitive interface that allows even novices to begin mining cryptocurrencies. The device comes pre-configured with the mining software program, making it smooth to install and begin mining properly away. The tool additionally capabilities far flung monitoring and management abilities, which allow users to monitor their mining operations from a remote vicinity and modify settings as wanted.

In phrases of build best, the Jasminer X4 BRICK Miner is built with fantastic materials which are designed to face up to the trials of continuous use. The device is built with a durable aluminum body and capabilities exceptional additives, which includes ASIC chips and electricity substances, which are built to last.

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Overall, the Jasminer X4 BRICK Miner is a powerful and dependable cryptocurrency mining machine that offers a high hash charge, low power consumption, superior cooling device, consumer-friendly interface, and durable production. It is a popular choice among cryptocurrency miners who are looking for a machine that could deliver excessive overall performance and generate extensive earnings.

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2 – About stock miners

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