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KD Box ProGoldshell KD-Box Pro, Goldshell KD Box Pro 2.6Th/s, Kadena set of rules, most hashrate is 2.6Th/s, strength consumption is 230W, Born in March 2022, the dimensions of the entire gadget’s bare metal is 178*150*84mm, the weight of the bare metallic is most effective 2kg, very light-weight. The suitable use temperature of KD BOX Pro is 5-35 ° C. After testing, the noise value of the gadget For 35db, noise may be very small and suitable for own family use. Contact us to get a discount.


ModelGoldshell KD BOX PRO



Hashrate, TH/s2.6Th/s

Noise level35db


ReleaseMarch 2022


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Goldshell KD-Box Pro, Goldshell KD Box Pro 2.6Th/s, Kadena algorithm, most hashrate is 2.6Th/s, strength intake is 230W, Born in March 2022, the dimensions of the entire device’s naked metallic is 178*150*84mm, the burden of the naked metallic is simplest 2kg, very light-weight. The suitable use temperature of KD BOX Pro is 5-35 ° C. After testing, the noise price of the machine For 35db, noise may be very small and appropriate for family use. Contact us to get a reduction.

Specifications of Goldshell KD-Box Pro

ManufacturerGoldshellModelGoldshell KD-BOX ProReleaseMarch 2022Size178 x 150 x 84mmWeight2000gNoise level35dbFan(s)2Power230WVoltage12VInterfaceEthernetTemperature5 – 35 °CHumidity5 – 95 %

Goldshell KD-BOX Pro is a thrilling new model. Its computing energy is 2.6th and the machine intake is 230W. It is one of the fine fashions of own family mining. The potential could be very solid, and the machine operation is very smooth. He can bring the miners to the agency or mine at home at any time. The noise value of 35DB makes it a silent device without traumatic harassment of noise to friends or households.

Goldshell KD Box Pro makes use of excessive-overall performance chips. It has supercomputing strength, is green and quiet, very low power intake. You could have privacy at domestic. It may be used, and the size of the gadget could be very small. KD Box Pro makes use of a brand new kind of warmth dissipation shape design that optimizes the route of airflow between components. It can speedy and successfully deplete the heat generated by using the machine by connecting the chip and heat sink thru the thermal conductivity silicone. Life, every person who has used it has a great revel in.

Introduction of Goldshell KD Box Pro

The Goldshell KD Box Pro Miner is a fairly efficient and compact cryptocurrency miner designed for mining the Kadena (KDA) blockchain. Kadena is an excessive-throughput, low-latency evidence-of-paintings blockchain that targets to provide scalability and security to organization-degree applications. The KD-Box Pro Miner is specially designed to mine KDA, that’s the local cryptocurrency of the Kadena blockchain.

We will introduce the Goldshell KD-Box Pro Miner in detail, consisting of its functions, specifications, and performance. We will even discuss the Kadena blockchain and how it differs from other popular blockchain networks. Finally, we will explore the blessings and downsides of the Goldshell KD-Box Pro Miner and provide some guidance for those who are interested in buying or using this device.

Features and Specifications

The Goldshell KD-Box Pro Miner is a particularly efficient mining tool that is designed to be user-pleasant and clean to function. The device is constructed around a high-overall performance ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) chip which is optimized for mining KDA. The ASIC chip is paired with an effective cooling gadget that continues the tool running smoothly and reliably.

The KD-Box Pro Miner can deliver a hashrate of up to 2.6Th/s, that’s equivalent to 2600 million hashes according to 2d. This excessive hashrate lets the device mine KDA at a rather green price, which may cause substantial earnings for the user.

The tool is likewise exceptionally compact and lightweight, weighing only 2 kilograms. This makes it easy to move and perform, even in small spaces. The KD-Box Pro Miner is likewise designed to be notably power-green, eating the best 230 watts of electricity at full load.

The device capabilities a person-friendly interface that lets customers easily configure and screen the tool. The interface consists of a dashboard that provides real-time statistics approximately the tool’s hashrate, temperature, and strength consumption. Users also can configure the tool’s mining settings and set up signals to notify them of any issues or occasions.

Kadena Blockchain

The Kadena blockchain is a subsequent-generation blockchain network this is designed to provide high throughput, low latency, and improved protection for employer-level applications. The network is constructed around the Kadena protocol, which mixes proof-of-work and evidence-of-stake consensus mechanisms to ensure the security and integrity of the community.

One of the important thing features of the Kadena blockchain is its scalability. The network is designed to handle thousands of transactions according to 2d, making it well-appropriate for huge-scale business enterprise packages. The community is likewise surprisingly stable, with a strong protection structure that includes advanced cryptographic techniques and multi-layered security protocols.

Another key feature of the Kadena blockchain is its low latency. The community is designed to provide near-immediate affirmation of transactions, making it best for packages that require rapid and reliable processing. The community achieves this low latency thru its use of sharding, which permits it to manner transactions in parallel across multiple nodes.

Benefits and Drawbacks

There are numerous blessings to the use of the Goldshell KD-Box Pro Miner for mining KDA. The tool is tremendously efficient and can supply a high hashrate, which can cause vast income for the person. The tool is also enormously compact and electricity-green, making it smooth to move and perform.

Another gain of using the KD-Box Pro Miner is that it is specially designed to mine KDA, which is a pretty promising cryptocurrency that has shown robust growth capacity. The Kadena blockchain is likewise nicely-ideal for organization-stage applications, which can lead to multiplied adoption and usage of KDA inside the destiny.

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However, there also are some drawbacks to the usage of the KD-Box Pro Miner. One disadvantage is that its miles a specialized tool which can best mine KDA. Also, because it’s miles targeted on mining a single currency, it’s far more powerful and sufficient that miners can purchase it.

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