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Goldshell KD-Box Price, Goldshell KD-Box For Sale, Kadena algorithm, most hashrate is 1.6Th/s, electricity consumption is 205W, Born in May 2021, the naked size of the complete system is best 150*a hundred and eighty*85mm, the volume is very small, can substantially shop using space, the suitable use of the system temperature is five-45°C, after checking out, the noise decibel of the gadget is 35db, the noise value may be very small, suitable for the circle of relatives use. Contact us to get a reduction.


ModelKD Box Miner



Hashrate, TH/s205W


Noise degree35db

ReleaseMay 2021

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Goldshell KD-Box Price, Goldshell KD-Box For Sale, Kadena algorithm, most hashrate is 1.6Th/s, energy intake is 205W, Born in May 2021, the naked length of the complete system is simplest one hundred fifty*one hundred eighty*85mm, the quantity is very small, can greatly keep the use of space, the best use of the device temperature is five-45°C, after testing, the noise decibel of the system is 35db, the noise price could be very small, appropriate for own family use. Contact us to get a discount.

Specifications Goldshell KD-Box

ManufacturerGoldshellModelKD-BOXAlso acknowledged asKDA-BOXReleaseMay 2021Size150 x one hundred eighty x 85mmNoise level35dbFan(s)2Power205WVoltage12VInterfaceEthernetTemperature5 – 45 °CHumidity5 – ninety five %

The Goldshell KD-Box is a compact and powerful ASIC miner designed for mining cryptocurrencies that use the Kadena (KDA) algorithm. Kadena is a new blockchain platform that targets to offer high performance and scalability, and the KD-Box is one of the first miners to help this set of rules.

In this creation, we’ll take a better examine the Goldshell KD-Box and explore its functions, specs, and typical overall performance.

Design and Build

The Goldshell KD-Box has a sleek and contemporary design, with a compact length of simply 200mm x 200mm x 225mm. The miner weighs about 5kg and is built with a sturdy metallic body and a plastic front panel that capabilities an LED display screen, power button, and community ports.

The KD-Box is geared up with an unmarried high-speed fan, which is placed at the top of the miner and is designed to expel hot air through the ventilation holes on the sides and returned to the miner. The fan is exceptionally quiet, with a noise level of around 60dB, making the miner appropriate to be used in a home or office setting.

Power Consumption

The Goldshell KD-Box is an electricity-green miner that consumes simply 550W of strength. This low electricity intake makes the miner best for small-scale mining operations and might drastically lessen electricity expenses in comparison to other mining hardware.

The miner requires a 220V electricity supply and is derived from an integrated electricity supply unit (PSU) that can hand over as much as 550W of energy. The PSU is green and reliable, ensuring stable and consistent energy shipping to the miner.

Hashing Power

The Goldshell KD-Box is designed to mine cryptocurrencies that use the Kadena (KDA) set of rules, and it has a hashrate of 1600 GH/s. This incredible hashrate is accomplished through the usage of 8nm ASIC chips, which are rather green and powerful.

Mining Efficiency

The Goldshell KD-Box has an outstanding mining efficiency of zero.343J/MH, that’s considerably lower than other miners in its magnificence.

In addition to its low power intake and high mining efficiency, the KD-Box is also designed to be smooth to apply, with a person-pleasant interface that makes it smooth to configure and display the miner.


The Goldshell KD-Box is well suited with more than a few mining software, which includes Bminer, Gminer, and T-Rex. The miner is also well suited with several mining swimming pools, allowing miners to pick out the pool that satisfactorily fits their desires.

In phrases of connectivity, the KD-Box is prepared with an Ethernet port, which permits miners to attach the miner to their neighborhood network and configure it using an internet-based interface.

cover a small area

KD Box Gold Shell is a top-family electrical mining system, the very small shape subverts the creativity of many miners. The 1.6Th domestic computing capability is one of the maximum in records. To purchase KD BOX Miner, it is essential to not forget its requirements at the environmental website online, website online temperature, and different factors.

If you’re thinking about a domestic model of the Miner that may be used, do now not hesitate, KD Box Miner is sure to satisfy your needs. It has a totally small look, a small footprint, and doesn’t need to absorb a whole lot of space. You can bring it around with you! The 1.6Th of domestic computing strength is enough for your desires.


In conclusion, the Goldshell KD-Box is a powerful and energy-efficient ASIC miner that is designed for mining cryptocurrencies that use the Kadena (KDA) algorithm. Its compact length, low strength consumption, excessive mining performance, and person-pleasant interface make it a famous preference amongst small-scale miners seeking to maximize their profits.

The miner’s efficient cooling machine and built-in safety features, in addition, upload to its attraction, making sure that the miner operates reliably and appropriately. Overall, the Goldshell KD-Box is a dependable and efficient miner this is nicely proper for small-scale mining operations. Its excessive hashrate, low power intake, and user-pleasant interface make it a famous desire among miners looking to maximize their profits。

Goldshell KD-BOX for sale (1.6Th), It has 1.6th /s hash capability at 205W electricity consumption.

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2 – About stock miners

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