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Antminer KA3 For Sale, Get Bitmain Antminer ka3 rate, Kadena set of rules, most hash rate is 166Th/s, strength consumption is 3154W, electricity performance ratio is 19J/T, Can mine three sorts of coins.


ModelAntminer KA3 166Th

Also referred to asKA3 Miner



Noise level80db

ReleaseSeptember 2022



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Antminer KA3 For Sale, Get Bitmain Antminer ka3 rate, Kadena algorithm, maximum hash rate is 166Th/s, electricity intake is 3154W, energy performance ratio is 19J/T, Can mine 3 kinds of coins.

On September 13, 2022, Bitmain released Antminer Ka3 166Th for public chain KADENA mining. Bitmain stated that KA3 Miner makes use of the layout of the nineteen series of Bitmain’s flagship products, which includes fan cooling generation. Ka3 miner can be offered at the Hashfrog platform at some point during the initial release inside the shape of cloud computing competencies.

Specifications of Antminer KA3

ManufacturerBitmainModelKA3 Miner For SaleReleaseSeptember 2022Size195 x 290 x 430mmWeight16100gNoise level80dbFan(s)4Power3154WVoltage200-240VInterfaceEthernetTemperature5 – forty °CHumidity10 – ninety %

Antminer KA3 For Sale

The first appearance of KA3 Miner at the clicking conference brought on many people to wonder about many humans. Its computing strength is 166T, which has substantially multiplied in comparison with the modern market average degree. The KA3 Miner newly defines the industry’s standards with the share of strength efficiency of 19J/T and brings the mining feature index into a brand-new technology thru power conservation and overall performance optimization.

In addition, KA3 Miner combines the contemporary design of the Bitmain S19 collection and equips it with the cutting-edge fan cooling era. Therefore, under the Blake2S set of rules, the operation of the miners can be high-quality included. KA3 Miner uses a well-known chassis size design. This design is very handy, which can be convenient to apply for the mine format, and permit the miners to without problems and successfully use area.

Introduction of KA3 Miner

Antminer Ka3 is the first mining device launched using Bitmain to dig KDA currency. It equips with an excessive-performance computing chip evolved by Bitmain and makes use of the Blake2S algorithm. Can efficaciously reduce the loss because of computing electricity and boom the computing strength to 166+Th/S. Has notable and solid computing characteristics and improves the structure of heat dissipation, thereby improving the warmth dissipation performance and growing the cycle of device use.

Strong information processing functionality

Bitmain self -advanced high -overall performance computing chips and expert computing servers that have robust statistics processing skills, and are additionally equipped with excessive-stage cooling answers. It can’t simplest hold high-quality and stable working repute but also help users explore the brand new future We suppose it has endless possibilities.

The machine is relatively integrated

The server adopts an integrated layout. The entire gadget notably integrates, is safer, and is more convenient. So, at an equal time, the quantity of the whole device can lessen as a whole lot as viable, thereby reducing the impact of noise, and enabling the proprietor of the mining manufacturing unit to apply extra affordable use of the area.

Compared with the cutting-edge marketplace output, KA3 Miner is a new evolution and jump. It provides proper hash fee overall performance. And as much as 100 computing power, but the energy consumption is much less than 4000W,

and which substantially improves its running efficiency.

History of KA3 Miner

The Antminer KA3 is a mining machine produced with the aid of Bitmain, one of the international’s main manufacturers of cryptocurrency mining hardware. It becomes released in September 2022,

and it designs to mine cryptocurrencies that use the SHA-256 set of rules, such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

The KA3 has a hash rate of as much as 166Th/s, this means that it can procedure 166 trillion hashes in line with 2d. This makes it a powerful mining system that’s ideal for mining Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies that use the SHA-256 algorithm.

Reliable and Durable

The KA3 is built with great components, and it designs to be dependable and durable. It’s equipped with high-overall performance enthusiasts that maintain the device cool at some stage in operation,

and it has a power performance score of seventy-two J/TH, this means that it consumes 72 joules of strength for each trillion hashes processed.

The KA3 has three one-of-a-kind modes of operation: ordinary mode, low-strength mode, and rapid mode. In everyday mode, the device operates at its maximum hash charge of 166Th/s.

low-power mode, the hash price reduces to 155Th/s, however, the strength performance improves. In rapid mode, the hash rate boom to 45 TH/s, but the energy efficiency reduces.

Voltage stabilization

The KA3 requires an energy supply unit (PSU) with a minimum potential of 3100W. The PSU is sold separately, and it’s crucial to pick a first-rate PSU that’s able to supply strong electricity to the machine. Bitmain recommends the usage of their personal Antminer APW7 or APW3++ PSUs, which might be designed specifically for use with their mining machines.

The KA3 is straightforward to install and configure, and it comes with a personal manual that offers step-through-step commands for putting in place and configuring the system. Bitmain also provides support and troubleshooting assets for clients who need assistance with their mining machines.


Overall, the Antminer KA3 is a reliable and green mining machine that’s perfect for mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that use the SHA-256 set of rules. Its high hash rate, electricity efficiency, and reliability make it a popular desire amongst cryptocurrency miners who are searching out a high-performance mining system that’s built to final. If you’re within the marketplace for a mining device, the Antminer KA3 is worth thinking about.


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