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Ipollo V1 Mini SE For Sale, Ipollo V1 Mini SE 200Mh/s, EtHash set of rules, maximum hashrate is 200Mh/s, power intake is 116W. Born in August 2022, the naked length of the entire device is 179*143*90mm. Without packaging, the bare weight of the system is 2.1 kg, which is very light and smooth to hold. The machine can be immediately related to the Ethernet for use, the appropriate operating temperature of the system is 5-25°C, and the system is suitable for operation at 10-90% ambient humidity. This version of the system is geared up with a traditional fan cooling layout, with a cooling fan, so its noise is very small, and suitable for home use.


ModelIpollo V1 Mini SE


Hashrate, TH/s200Mh/s


ReleaseAugust 2022

Size179 x 143 x 90mm


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Ipollo V1 Mini SE For Sale, Ipollo V1 Mini SE 200Mh/s, EtHash algorithm, most hashrate is 200Mh/s, energy intake is 116W. Born in August 2022, the bare length of the entire gadget is 179*143*90mm. Without packaging, the naked weight of the device is two.1 kg, which could be very light and smooth to carry. The machine can be directly linked to the Ethernet for use, the precise running temperature of the device is 5-25°C, and the gadget is appropriate for operation at 10-90% ambient humidity. This model of the system is equipped with a conventional fan cooling layout, with a cooling fan, so its noise may be very small, appropriate for domestic use.

Specifications of Apollo V1 Mini

ManufactureriPolloModelV1 Mini SEReleaseAugust 2022Size179 x 143 x 90mmWeight2100gChip count1Noise level45dbFan(s)1Power116WVoltage12VInterfaceEthernetTemperature5 – 25 °CHumidity10 – 90 %

Introduction of Pollo V1 Mini SE:

Cryptocurrency mining has ended up a popular manner of producing wealth in the latest years. With the extended adoption of the blockchain era and the developing call for digital property, mining has emerged as a lucrative hobby. However, with the increasing trouble of mining and the opposition amongst miners, it’s miles important to have green and dependable mining gadgets. The Pollo V1 Mini SE Miner is one such device that guarantees to supply excessive overall performance and profitability. In this article, we will offer a detailed introduction to the apollo V1 Mini SE Miner, inclusive of its capabilities, specs, and advantages.


The Pollo V1 Mini SE Miner is a compact and efficient mining device this is designed to mine numerous cryptocurrencies which include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. It is a specialized mining device that uses the ASIC era to mine cryptocurrencies, which guarantees excessive overall performance and efficiency. The Pollo V1 Mini SE Miner is designed to be clean to use and configure, even for novice miners.


The V1 Mini SE Miner is filled with features that make it an effective and efficient mining tool. Some of its key functions include:

ASIC Technology: The iPollo V1 Mini SE Miner makes use of ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) generation, which is mainly designed for mining cryptocurrencies. This generation guarantees high overall performance and efficiency, as it’s far optimized for the particular algorithms used by diverse cryptocurrencies.

Low Power Consumption: The iPollo V1 Mini SE Miner has a low strength intake of the simplest 116W, which makes it rather energy-green. This approach that you can mine cryptocurrencies without having to worry approximately excessive strength bills.

Compact Design: The iPollo V1 Mini SE Miner has a compact layout, which makes it easy to transport and install. It is also clean to store because it does not absorb an awful lot area.

Easy to Use: The iPollo V1 Mini SE Miner is designed to be consumer-friendly, even for novice miners. It comes with a simple and intuitive interface that permits you to easily configure and monitor your mining operations.

High Hashrate: The iPollo V1 Mini SE Miner has an excessive hashrate of 6 TH/s, which means that it may mine cryptocurrencies at an excessive velocity. This ensures that you can mine greater cryptocurrencies in much less time, which interprets to higher profitability.


The V1 Mini SE Miner has the following specifications:

Hashrate: 200Mh/s

Power Consumption: 116W

Algorithm: SHA-256 (Bitcoin), Scrypt (Litecoin), SHA-256D (Bitcoin Cash)

Operating Temperature: 5°C to twenty-five°C

Network Connection: Ethernet

Dimensions: 300mm x 200mm x 150mm

Weight: 2.1kg


The Pollo V1 Mini SE Miner offers numerous benefits that make it a famous choice among miners. Some of its key benefits consist of:

High Performance: The iPollo V1 Mini SE Miner is designed to deliver excessive overall performance, because of this that it may mine cryptocurrencies at a faster fee than different mining gadgets. This translates to higher profitability and a faster return on investment.

Low Power Consumption: The V1 Mini SE Miner has a low strength consumption of only 116W, which means that it can be operated without incurring high electricity bills. This makes it a value-effective mining answer.

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Easy to Use: The V1 Mini SE Miner is designed to be user-friendly, which means that even amateur miners can without difficulty set it up and begin mining cryptocurrencies. This makes it a splendid preference for novices who’re simply starting in cryptocurrency mining

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