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Antminer KS3 (eight.3Th) is the primary cryptocurrency miner with the KHeavyHash algorithm produced by using Bitmian. Most hashrate is 8.3Th/s and strength intake is 3188W.


ModelAntminer KS3

Hashrate, TH/seight.3Th/s



Noise degree75db

ReleaseAugust 2023

Size195 x 290 x 430mm


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Antminer KS3 (8.3Th) is the first cryptocurrency miner with the KHeavyHash set of rules produced by way of Bitmian. The maximum hash rate is eight.3Th/s and the power intake is 3188W. Antminer KS3 was born in August 2023. The length of the whole gadget is 195 x 290 x 430mm, and the burden of the system is sixteen.1 kg without packaging. The device has cooling lovers, and the cooling overall performance is splendid. In line with the desired noise value range, and the system desires to perform at the ambient temperature of 5-40°C, an appropriate operating environment can successfully increase the service cycle of the device.

Specifications of Antminer KS3 (eight.3Th)

ManufacturerBitmainModelAntminer KS3 (eight.3Th)ReleaseAugust 2023Size195 x 290 x 430mmWeight16100gNoise level75dbFan(s)2Power3188WInterfaceRJ45 Ethernet 10/100MTemperature5 – forty °CHumidity10 – ninety %

Introduction of Antminer KS3 (eight.3Th)

The Antminer KS3 (eight.3Th) is an excessive-performance cryptocurrency mining system designed and synthetic by using Bitmain. With its modern technology and effective hashing strength, the Antminer KS3 supplies amazing mining abilities for cryptocurrency fans and expert miners alike.

Key Features:

Hashing Power: The Antminer KS3 boasts a hashing electricity of 8.3 terahashes per 2d (eight.3Th), making it one of the most powerful miners available inside the marketplace. With this extraordinary hashing strength, miners can maximize their mining efficiency and boom their probabilities of earning sizeable rewards.

Efficient Mining Algorithm:

The Antminer KS3 makes use of the KHeavyHash set of rules, which is broadly used for mining popular cryptocurrencies. This algorithm guarantees green and dependable mining operations, turning in the most efficient overall performance and profitability.

Robust Hardware Design:

Built with durability in thoughts, the Antminer KS3 features a strong and dependable hardware design. It is prepared with extraordinary ASIC chips and a robust cooling gadget to make sure strong operation even beneath heavy workloads and challenging mining situations.

User-Friendly Interface:

The Bitmain KS3 offers a person-friendly interface that makes it easy to set up and configure the mining operations. With its intuitive control panel, miners can quickly get admission to and manipulate numerous settings, reveal mining popularity, and optimize performance as consistent with their necessities.

Power Efficiency:

Efficiency is a vital issue of mining, and the Bitmain KS3 excels in this area. It gives superb strength efficiency, making sure that miners can acquire excessive-performance mining whilst preserving strength consumption at a reasonable degree. This feature is vital for maximizing profits and lowering operational charges.

Enhanced Cooling System:

The Bitmain KS3 is equipped with a complicated cooling gadget to modify the temperature and preserve optimum performance. The twin-fan design and strategically positioned warmth sink effectively deplete heat, ensuring stable and dependable mining operations.

Remote Monitoring and Management:

With built-in networking capabilities, the Antminer KS3 allows for faraway monitoring and management. Miners can effortlessly get the right of entry to and manipulate their mining operations from anywhere, with the usage of a web-based totally interface or cell app.

Reliable Manufacturer:

The Bitmain KS3 is synthetic by using Bitmain, a reputable and nicely-mounted business enterprise within the cryptocurrency mining enterprise. Bitmain is known for its notable mining equipment, reliable customer service, and continuous innovation in mining technology.

In the end, the Antminer KS3 (8.3Th) is an effective and green mining device that gives mind-blowing hashing power, a sturdy hardware layout, a user-friendly interface, and advanced features. Whether you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast or an expert miner, the Bitmain KS3 affords a high-quality solution for worthwhile and dependable mining operations.