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Profitable Used Antminer l3+ 504Mh, Antminer l3+ For Sale, Scrypt algorithm, most hashrate is 504Mh/s, energy consumption is 800W, born in June 2017, The length of the entire device is 188*130*352mm, and the weight is 4.4kg. Compared with the fashions of other series of Bitmain, it’s miles nevertheless lighter. The range is eleven.6-13V, and the miners need to take note of the voltage when the voltage is connected to avoid harm to the gadget due to excessive voltage. After trying it out, the noise price of the device is 70dB, which meets the desired noise fee variety.


ModelAntminer L3+



Hashrate, TH/s504Mh/s

Noise stage70db


ReleaseJune 2017


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Profitable Used Antminer l3+ 504Mh, Antminer l3+ For Sale, Scrypt algorithm, most hashrate is 504Mh/s, strength consumption is 800W, born in June 2017, The length of the whole gadget is 188*a hundred thirty*352mm, and the burden is four.4kg. Compared with the fashions of different collections of Bitmain, it’s far nevertheless lighter. The range is 11.6-13V, and the miners need to pay attention to the voltage when the voltage is hooked up to keep away from harm to the gadget due to excessive voltage. After trying it out, the noise cost of the system is 70dB, which meets the required noise fee variety.

Specifications of Antminer L3+ 504Mh

ManufacturerBitmainModelAntminer L3+ 504MhReleaseJune 2017Size188 x 130 x 352mmWeight4400gChip boards4Chip nameBM1485Chip count288Noise level70dbFan(s)2Power800WWires9 * 6pinsVoltage11.6 ~ thirteen.0VInterfaceEthernetTemperature0 – forty °CHumidity5 – 95 %

Introduction of Antminer L3+

Bitmain Antminer L3+ is a version born in 2017, which is especially used for mining Litecoin. This device has incredibly huge computing electricity, but low strength consumption and its fee is likewise especially cheap, which could meet the needs of miners with fewer finances. At that point, its mode of mining litecoin and giving dogecoin also attracted many miners.

The Antminer L3+ is a high-overall performance cryptocurrency mining device designed specifically for mining Crypt-primarily based cryptocurrencies. It changed into released via Bitmain in 2017 and fast became one of the most famous mining machines available on the market.

Scrypt algorithm

Scrypt is a proof-of-painting algorithm utilized by numerous cryptocurrencies, together with Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Verge. Unlike other evidence-of-work algorithms, together with SHA-256, Scrypt is designed to be extra reminiscence-in-depth, making it extra immune to ASIC mining. This is why the Antminer L3+ is mainly designed to mine Scrypt-primarily based cryptocurrencies.

The Antminer L3+ has a hashrate of 504MH/s, which means that it can clear up complicated mathematical troubles quickly and successfully. It has a power intake of 800W, which is quite low in comparison to different mining machines. This makes it power-efficient and can assist miners save on power fees.

warmth-dissipating method

The Antminer L3+ is ready with two powerful cooling enthusiasts that preserve the machine cool in the course of operation. This is vital because mining machines generate a variety of warmth, which can damage the components and decrease their lifespan. The device can be related to a mining pool with the use of Ethernet or Wi-Fi, permitting miners to mix their sources and boom their possibilities of earning rewards.

Setting up the Antminer L3+

Setting up the Antminer L3+ is rather clean, but it does require a little technical know-how. The first step is to pick a mining pool and sign up for an account. Once you’ve got an account, you can configure your Antminer L3+ by gaining access to the web interface through the usage of an internet browser. You will want to enter the IP cope with of your Antminer L3+ to get admission to the internet interface.

From the net interface, you could configure the mining pool settings, which includes the server cope with, port range, username, and password. You can also set up the network settings, consisting of the IP deal with and subnet mask.

After configuring the settings, you may start mining using clicking the “start” button at the net interface. The mining technique will begin, and you may be capable of seeing the hashrate and different mining data at the web interface.


One issue to preserve in thoughts when mining with the L3+ Miner is the mining trouble. Mining trouble is a measure of how hard it is to clear up the cryptographic puzzle required to earn cryptocurrency rewards. As greater miners be a part of the network, the problem will increase, making it harder to earn rewards. This is why it’s miles critical to hold an eye on the mining issue and adjust your mining settings thus.

In conclusion, the L3+ Miner is a rather green and reliable mining device designed mainly for mining Crypt-primarily based cryptocurrencies. It has an excessive hashrate, low power consumption, and an effective cooling gadget, making it an amazing desire for miners trying to mine Scrypt-primarily based cryptocurrencies. However, as with any mining system, it’s far more important to take into account elements that include strength fees, mining trouble, and cryptocurrency charges earlier than investing in this equipment.

Antminer L3 +’s look and production

Compared with the models of Bitmain’s other collection, Antminer L3+ uses the conventional Bitmain fan cooling layout, double fan, and four computing electricity version configurations. The die-casting design.

From the top of L3+ Miner, you can see 4 Hash forums, and every hash board has three PCI-E6Pin interfaces. Four information cables join the hash board to the controller. From the front of the gadget, you could see the IP address, remarks button, community cable interface, reset button, reputation indicator, and different additives of the mining device, and you may also see that the rear fan of L3+ is designed with ventilation.

Antminer L3+noise check

We examined the noise of the L3+ Miner and operated in the Antpool PPS mode. The experimental venue was the convention room of our workplace. After 24H, the noise takes a look at is executed.

The test outcomes concluded that at the Antminer L3+ 10cm, the noise fee of the mining machine became 74DB, and the noise fee was reduced to 66DB at the distance of L3+ 1M. Big noise, testing can see that L3+can run within the residential vicinity, and it’s going to no longer have an effect on the friends and bring noise pollutants


The standard overall performance of Antminer could be very exquisite. The strength intake of computing energy is only 1.53W/m. It can preserve balance below long-time period operation, and its noise decibels are relatively small. The impact on the surroundings is also very low. Miners are miners. You should purchase and use it with self-belief.

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